Organic Yellow Beeswax BARS 8oz (8 x 1oz)-1 Organic Yellow Beeswax BARS 8oz (8 x 1oz)-2 Organic Yellow Beeswax BARS 8oz (8 x 1oz)-3 Organic Yellow Beeswax BARS 8oz (8 x 1oz)-4

Organic Yellow Beeswax BARS 8oz (8 x 1oz)

Organic Yellow Beeswax BARS 8oz (8 x 1oz)

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Sky Organics superior quality USDA Certified Organic Beeswax is the guaranteed non-toxic, safe and healthy choice for you and for our planet.

- By choosing our certified organic beeswax you help protect our planet and natural food sources by ensuring the survival of dwindling bee populations affected by harmful pesticides.
- We search the planet for the highest quality certified organic beeswax to ensure a positive experience every time you use our product.
- Rest assured that our beeswax enhances your natural creations and protect the investment you make in this and other ingredients.

We value YOU and believe in your right to be in control of what you put on/ in your body. We thus ensure our beeswax is created under the strict guidelines of organic certification and that our beekeepers have met these tough standards.

To produce Certified Organic Beeswax our beekeepers follow these guidelines:

- Locate their beehives in wild lands 4 miles away from any residential/ public yards & gardens, non-organic farms, golf courses and landfills
- Use NO antibiotics, pesticides or chemicals in any beekeeping practices
- Monitor and document practices on a regular basis
- Monitor bees and beehives constantly to ensure that no non-organic contamination occur
- Use only healthy bees from organic sources
- Have regular on site inspections by USDA approved organic certifying agents

We guarantee 100% satisfaction with Sky Organics Certified Organic Beeswax or we will give your money back, no questions asked.

Try Sky Organics Certified Organic Beeswax today and experience BEESWAX like it is meant to be.

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